Friday, July 17, 2015

Three Great Lies Book Launch

Check it out! Vanessa MacLellan's book launch for her debut novel THREE GREAT LIES is Thursday, August 6th at Powell's Cedar Hills in Beaverton.

From Publishers Weekly review: "MacLellan's fun debut drops Jeanette, an American tourist in Egypt, into ancient Thebes....A great sense of character evolution drives the plot...Supernatural elements help develop the world around Jeanette, but don't overpower it....A strong conclusion sets this light fantasy a notch above its peers."

Don't miss it!

Tuesday, April 21, 2015

This I know for sure

Ever wonder: what's the point?

Don't you love when you have a goal, a tangible task where all the steps are laid out and all you have to do is take action? And oh that wonderful feeling when you cross off the completed steps, one by one, until you've reached that final goal. As much as "everyday life" like groceries, dishes and laundry always gets in the way, there's such satisfaction in setting out to do something and actually completing it.

Well, what if that goal is not so easily or quickly reached? 

Writing is my greatest joy...and at times my worst enemy. Sure, putting pen to paper isn't hard per se, but writing with an authentic voice, crafting an engaging and entertaining story, and characters that an audience empathizes with is no small task. It takes an infinite amount of hours to find and hone your voice, to read and learn from the masters, to open up to critique readers, to get as comfortable as possible with rejection, to build a community, to build an online platform...and the list goes on.

And as the days, months, years go by, your eyes are still on the prize (NY Times bestseller, yo!), you find yourself forgetting why you chose this path in the first place.

I may be stubbornly stubborn, but when there are long gaps between achieved tangible goals and the weight of rejection leaves you wondering if you're any good and if you should pack your bags and head down another road, you start to wonder, what's the point?

That's when you take a moment, along with some deep breaths, and answer that very question. Why did I ever want to write in the first place?

There are many reasons, but the one that makes this long, bumpy road the right journey is that I want to inspire, entertain and empower readers. I want to provide young readers with the opportunity to see themselves in a new skin (a different race, religion, social status, whatever) and discover that despite differing journeys, we all feel the same emotions. That ultimately, we are all one. 

So when the roller-coaster of life seems to always be stuck climbing that hill, remember the reason why you got on this ride in the first place. If you believe and stay strapped in your seat, you will reach the top.

taxes, death and writing...these things I know for sure

Tuesday, March 31, 2015

My Reflection

My beautiful friend forwarded this video, saying "...this is a perfect reflection of your inner child..."
Talk about opening up my heart and putting a huge, silly grin on my face.
And she's time to let that inner child play. Get up and show your true self!

I'm definitely wearing purple tights, Mary Jane's and letting my wild curls free as I bust a move to a hip-shaking groove.

what's your reflection?