Sunday, June 12, 2011

I love this video, this message, and, yes, I love my hair

Black, Bi-racial, Multi-mixed, and anyone else with nappy, curly, kinky or frizzy hair....come together and unite!

If only I had this inspirational diddy to sing along with while watching Sesame Street. Instead, I sat for hours with searing hot chemicals relaxing my unruly, misbehaving curls. Maybe, just maybe, I would have liked my hair and not have felt the need to try and look like my blond, blue-eyed best friend.  Did I really think I could feather my hair? But what the hell did I know? I was only around 9 years old and just wanted to be like everyone else in school. Imagine, running around outside in the rain or swimming with my head under the water, not caring what it did to my hair! Total freedom.

Now it's many, many years later...and I really DO love my hair. I haven't had a relaxer or any other type of chemical reaction applied to my locks in almost 10 years. Just my natural, curly - sometimes kinky, sometimes frizzy, but always fun - hair.

C'mon everyone...whether straight, buzz, braids, curls, waves, bald...and the list goes on, just sing along...."I really love my hair....I love my hair!"

lots 'o love,

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