Monday, January 2, 2012

For the love of...DANCE!

Twist n Shout; Lean back; no matter how you move, Shake, Shake, Shake, Shake that Booty!

Know when you get into one of those "blah" moods? The kind where nothing's really wrong in life, just feels kinda slow-moving', uninteresting...blah. So, I've decided that every Moanday I'm going to write a post dedicated to something that I love. Hence, the title, "For the love of..." Anything that gets me excited, energetic, passionate, full of life. And since Monday is that day of the week that every 9 to 5er dreads, I figured that's the best time to change my focus on to something that makes me smile.

I LOVE to dance. Doesn't matter what kind of music, as long as it has a good beat to get my hips shaking. Give me funk, salsa, hip hop, alternative, pop...doesn't matter. Although I've loved to dance since birth -- (I've been told many times at the age of 3 I was a huge fan of the seventies classic "Shake, Shake, Shake...Shake Your Booty") -- I've never been good at dance classes. The teacher calls left, I go right. Until I took my first belly dance class. It was the first time that every movement felt natural and flowed; you are hyper aware of your body and appreciate all it can do and how every body type, age and shape is beautiful.

Then my good friend, kiki, introduced me to Nia dance and I've never looked back. Absolutely pure total fun. Nia draws from disciplines of the martial arts, dance arts and healing arts. Movements range from karate kicks and punches, to belly dance shimmies, to salsa steps and even has free form. What I really love about Nia is how it combines the physical, mental and spiritual. When you enter the class, you leave all your daily "problems" at the door and truly live in the moment.

So, if you're having a crappy day and want to make the world disappear, then blast your favorite song and just dance the blues away.

shake that booty!

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