Friday, January 27, 2012

Get inspired and create!

how do you write [or insert other passionate activity here]?

do you schedule a block of a time every day, once a week?  sneak in some time during your lunch hour or put off sleep to indulge in some creative time?  or do you wait for inspiration to hit and then dig in?  i found out the hard way that if you wait to be inspired, you may be waiting and waiting and waiting, and nothing ever shows up.

now that i've moved to part-time with accounting (yet still paying job) to focus more time on my writing, my expectation was that with two extra days I'll be able to get SO much done.  hell, i'll be done with that YA manuscript in no time!  well, my nine-to-five routine does not work for me when writing or pretty much any creative outlet.  and it was quite a frustrating lesson to learn.  did i make a huge mistake taking that leap to follow my passion?

then i remembered what my fab intuitive mentor said to me (more than a few times).  don't treat writing like a job.  writing is fun.  it's my "play-time".  i finally got it!

everybody has their own way of operating.  i enjoy noise in the background (music, TV, city living); i'm more on my game later in the day...late afternoon and way late into the night.  i'm also more into editing and massaging a piece to life than just getting that first word on the page.  there's no right or wrong to creating art, whether that art is cooking an amazing Indian dish or designing a funky Betsey Johnson knock-off.  just do what works for you, and have fun with it.

but most importantly, i learned that instead of waiting for inspiration to come to me, i would go to it.  i'd flip through one of my favorite graphic novels, The Runaways or something by Lynda Barry; watch an episode of Project Runway or Top Chef; play shuffle on my iPod; go outside and spend time in nature, especially near trees or water; doodle, paint, dance...whatever I choose, i realize that it accomplishes the same goal.  i get out of my head - no judging, no expectations, no conditions, no perfectionism - and i get into my body, heart and soul.

so play that video at the beginning of this post, get inspired, and get busy with your passion!

inspired love,

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