Sunday, February 5, 2012

Carry on Tuesday #143

This post is in response to the weekly prompt at Carry On Tuesday #143

This is the life I wanted, and I could never see
that I am the creator of my reality.

I long for my soul-mate,
to be showered with romance;
someone to love me, more
than a sexual advance.
Days, months, even years fly by
no prince charming in sight.
Loser dates, empty hook-ups
occupy Friday night.

Finally, I understand,
life reflects my action.
When I hold high self esteem,
life's full of satisfaction.
Surrounded with love and
drowning in hugs and kisses.
Hand-in-hand with "the one"
My Ms. becomes a Mrs.

I lead the life I want because I finally see,
that I am the creator of my reality.

happy writing,

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