Monday, February 20, 2012

The Hunger Pains Trailer: Must See Book Parody

First Harry Potter [LOVED it], followed by Twilight [eh,] and now the Hunger Games is going from mega selling kids book to the big screen. Again, it is proven that children/young adult writers are extremely talented and write amazing, page-turning stories that kids of all ages can enjoy.

Personally, I haven't read The Hunger Games because I'm not into the dystopian genre, which may be a huge "no-no" for a YA writer. This novel by Suzanne Collins is about kids who are forced to kill one another on national TV. Talk about a new brand of reality; better look out Snookie!

Check out the hilarious Harvard Lampoon trailer parody below. Even if you know nothing about The Hunger Games, you know this spoof's got to be good with comedians from The State and Reno 911!. Enjoy!

laugh out loud,

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