Monday, February 27, 2012

Sunday Scribbling: #308 Modern

Searching for
that someone,
looking for true love.
Will you be my valentine?
Those words I've never heard.
I realized
I was looking
at the problem wrong.
Love doesn't come
in a bouquet of roses
or a Hallmark card.

Love is tingling skin,
covered in chilly bumps;
warmth across the chest
or tummy flips and flops.
Love is a
that starts from within.
So when in need of
some affection,
turn that feeling
into action.
Walk, run, swim, dance.
Let the body thrive.
Indulge in a fancy
meal or perfume.
The senses come alive.
Call a friend
to catch up.
Snuggle with a book or pet.
If love is
what you desire,
then you must give to get.

No old school need
for something
outside myself.
I am already complete.
My new found
modern love
always resides in me.
And I share this abundance
with my family, friends,
and the whole world,
including you and me.

This post was inspired by The Sunday Scribblings post #308 Modern.

show someone you love them today (and that someone can be you!),

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  1. You are right love is always there inside you waiting to burst out. Is it modern? Of courses it is, it's in fashion all the time!


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