Sunday, February 5, 2012

Sunday Scribblings: #305 Lesson

This post is in response to the weekly prompt at Sunday Scribblings

"Can I move in with you?" he asked.

Every cell in my body screamed "NO!", but my heart whispered, "Yes."

Under the same roof, the truth revealed: You are an alcoholic. Abusive words erased my smiles and laughter. A vacant shell, I sleepwalked through life, numb from food, drugs and alcohol.

Anger pinned me on the bed. Bitterness smothered my face with a pillow. Fear awakened love for myself. "Get out." My voice, no longer dormant.

From that moment on, I listen to my mind, body and soul and trust what it has to say. I may not always follow my gut, but with every decision I consciously try to choose self love. Lesson learned.

happy writing,


  1. Heart rending. I don't know whether self love is the answer but self esteem is. Let's hope she keeps him at bay.

    1. You're totally right.

      Self love, or maybe more so, self preservation, gave her a voice in the moment; but it's self-esteem that allows her to walk away for good.

      Thanks for reminding me.

  2. This speaks of what so many have done, ignore the cells, the signs, and end up needing escape. Wonderful ending, finding enough love for herself to get out!


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