Sunday, February 12, 2012

Sunday Scribblings: #306 Rest

When I saw today's writing prompt, rest, many ideas flooded my mind. But which one to focus on?

After a fabulous weekend visit with my friend, Gigi, (out late dancing, drinking, laughing and just enjoying life), my body has crashed, feeling nauseous and demanding much needed rest.

What does the rest of my life have in store? Career, love, choices galore. It's exciting and somewhat nerve-racking to know that every decision I make shapes my story, from fantasy (daydreaming about my prince charming) to contemporary (the decor of my new apartment) to horror (the fine lines that remain when I stop smiling). When I turn the page, what's next?

Rest: my body sends the signal when I try to push thru more than it can handle -- running the Marine Corps Marathon or hiking a mountain in Africa.

But what I finally decided to write on, what my mind kept going back to, was Whitney Houston.

As a girl growing up in the '80's, there was absolutely no way that I couldn't be influenced by the gorgeous pop star. My first introduction was in 1985 to the song and video, How Will I Know?, splashes of pastel paints and that crazy Minnie Mouse bow.

My all-time favorite song was I Wanna Dance with Somebody. The oh-so obvious weave; much more splashes of color with paint, lights and tight dresses; that awesome red, black & white salsa ruffle skirt - which I would love to rock at '80's dance night [note to self - thrift shop trip!].

Of course, there were many more hits over the years (the remake of Dolly's, I Will Always Love You the most soulful & beautiful), movies (Waiting to Exhale - awesome!), drugs ("Crack is Whack") and drama. But as I reminisce and what I couldn't appreciate as a child, I realize that Whitney was the first current black pop star that my friends in elementary school also listened to and loved.

Creating art: music, prose, dance, whatever your passion. It breaks barriers created by race, socioeconomic status, religion, sexual orientation, etc. Regardless of your background and belief, if you close your eyes and listen to Whitney sing, there's no denying that her voice inspires, sparkles, and is full of heart, soul, fun and passion.

So, rest in peace Miss Whitney. Your music will live on.

this post inspired by the Sunday Scribblings Prompt: #306 Rest

be inspired and sparkle for the world to see!


  1. Lovely thoughts PlayWrite..Jae..

  2. It is sad that with many artists we love their work but we never truly know the person and their life which with writers, painters and performers is often at odds with the beauty we read, see and hear. Thank you for your timely tribute.

  3. There was a time when my little granddaughter made a little shrine with Whitney's picture next to her bed every night. Her death punctuates the passage of time.


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