Monday, February 20, 2012

Sunday Scribblings: #307 Wit

I am wit,
and you, my love, are grace.
Together we make
a delightfully delectable pair.

So good, we'd leave the Top Chef
judges salivating.
Of course, you'd argue
that we're exquisitely divine
and hold up your wine glass
to clink with my 8 ball.

You're the Miss to my mark.
I'm the polish to your charm.
Together we knock 'em dead
with our dignified banter.
Your stunning beauty blinds
others to my beastly silhouette.
While my clever gab lightens
your always delicate diplomacy.

in large doses,
we're sure to drive 'em mad.
But as a pair,
the world is drawn
to our perfection.

this post inspired by the Sunday Scribblings Prompt: #307 Wit

make 'em laugh with your charm,


  1. At times you see this in a couple such as this and quietly wish them well. Many years ago I too was one of a pair such as this. It feels pretty good! Great last stanza.

    1. Thx. I have yet to be blessed as part of a couple like this, but someday!


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