Thursday, March 1, 2012

Will the Madness Ever End?

March 2012 is here. Woke up to snow dusted cars, but the spring sun made a quickie appearance. I finally feel like I'm coming out from under my latest dark episode. This one spurred on from two very emotional writing projects...

The first was a historical piece submitted to the Project Writeway Contest based on an actual event my mom experienced growing up in Germany after WWII (read the piece here). The second was documenting a three minute video about my dad's losing battle with multiple myeloma. That same weekend, I received 3 rejections and spent an evening "indisposed" with the most excruciating abdominal cramps from food poisoning.

A week later and the dark cloud has lifted. Then, BAM!

I learn that my fab friend is moving to New Mexico. NOOOOOOOO!!!!!!!! We haven't even hung out yet!

I'm head-over-heels, super duper excited for her. I saw the same sparkle in her eyes that I'd felt (and still feel) when I'd decided to move from DC to Portland. I'm just selfishly sad for myself.

I can't wait to see her painting career explode. And I look forward to pimping her art to the world. At my last eyebrow wax with Miss Stephanie, she reminded me that friends are always there when you're feeling your worst. You just have to reach out. A life lesson that I've yet to practice regularly. But I'm getting better...must celebrate the baby steps.

Go rock that dream my hardcore friend!

sparkle in the dark,

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  1. My gosh, Sonja, no wonder you felt blue! The story is beautiful and reminds me of my novel I'm working on - and the video is also more than beautiful and I wish your friend's PB much success! And then your friend moving away...! I send you a big hug - even though I read this way too late, but my hug is still very very heartfelt.


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