Wednesday, April 25, 2012

Beach Writing Retreat

It's been two weeks since I've retired from accounting and charged forward with my new career writing for young adults.  I'm still figuring out the best method of attack to completing my YA novel while still involved in two critique groups, two writing circles, regular volunteering, and reading best-sellers in my genre.

I know how to multitask and organize, but some days I struggle with the fear and doubt, especially now only being accountable to myself.  But I'm learning how to push on through that dreaded writer's block - meaning procrastination due to fear of failure.

First, surround yourself with inspiration.  This past Monday I was up to my eyeballs with stuff I love: sunshine, beach, coffee, and a great friend.  We drove out to Cannon Beach for a day-long writing retreat.  Soaked in some rays; enjoyed the view, smells and sounds of the Pacific; enjoyed great conversation; and drank fabulous coffee roasted on site at Sleepy Monk.  Even in that inspired space, I found myself struggling to write. 

So, what to do?  Just do it!  After wasting time trying to think about what to write or staring at the activity around me, I took a breath, put pen to paper and just wrote.  At first, a bunch of nothing sprawled across the page, but after a paragraph or two, I ended up with two amazing scenes.

Always trust your voice and talent.  I constantly self-edit, even with the very first words still swimming in my head.  I'm learning to let go of this ridiculous control freak.  I can edit all I want after I get words down on the paper.  Let the work simmer and be out of sight and mind for a day or so.  With new eyes, shape and mold that first draft into a masterpiece. 

Finally, never give up.  No matter how dark your outlook may be in the moment, keep the faith.  If you love what you're doing, then keep on creating, because someone else will love your voice as much as you do.

Happy Creating!


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