Friday, April 27, 2012

No more Musts, Should or Have To

I'm trying to lead a life of fun, smiles and laughter.  But even when I do the activities I enjoy, such as writing, all the joy it brings can disappear when you give in to the "musts, should, or have to." 

You know what I mean, "I must spend at least so many hours writing" or "I should have finished my novel by now" or "I have to write so many words every day".  Once you create required conditions for something you want to do, it's no longer so much fun.

My friend gave the perfect example when I said I'd like to start running again.  Don't be like Rachel with the mindset that you must run by certain rules; but rather embrace Phoebe's way of living, run however it feels good and natural to you.

Do what you love, when you want, how you want.


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