Monday, April 30, 2012

Sunday Scribbling: #317 Storm

Curled up on the cotton, chaise lounge,
bundled in a fuzzy, cream blanket.
Hands wrapped around a steaming mug of Masala chai.
The original 1940's window of the fourth floor apartment
does nothing to prevent the spring morning chill.
Lush trees in olive, pea and emerald hues
sway and stretch towards the rising sun.
Commuters in cars and on bikes flood the streets,
while joggers and dog walkers stomp the sidewalk.
Fluffy white and baby blue skies morph into a gray, somber haze.
Threatening storm clouds produce only drizzle
and soon the sun makes another appearance
until hidden once again and again.
Another typical day in Portland, Oregon. 
inspired by the writing prompt at Sunday Scribbling.

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