Thursday, June 14, 2012

What's Your Story?

When my friend invited me to my first Urban Tellers show at Hipbone Studio my immediate reaction was how much fun to tell your story to an intimate audience...I'd love to do this!

Then I quickly remembered that I HATE to get up in front of people - friend, foe and stranger alike - and speak.  I HATE attention.  My skin covers in red splotches like I'm coming down with some infectious outbreak and my mind uncovers any and every possible "what could go wrong" scenario leading to possible anxiety attacks (not really, but you never know what could happen).

Urban Tellers is a workshop of six adults that get together for four sessions to share and uncover the stories needed to be told.  And then without a script or notes each of the participants share their personal story with a live audience...completely improvisationally.

Then I attended my second show, The Game Changer, that my friend Tamara Lynne participated in.  Of course she was great, she performs for a living.  How could a former accountant turned young adult writer (introvert alert anyone?) possibly think she could get away with this?

Why couldn't I?  I've noticed that a lot of things are coming up that I would love to do, but once I think too much about it, fear sets in and I quickly dismiss and avoid.  I promise myself moving forward to take baby steps.  Picture myself up on that stage sharing my story.  Who knows?  Maybe I'll actually sign up for the class one day.  Even if I don't, it feels nice to embrace the possibility.

live one thing a day that scares you!

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