Tuesday, June 5, 2012


I just read the black snob's blog post about society's obsession with body size and skin color.  My jaw dropped when she referenced the Clutch magazine article that discusses how some members of the Puerto Rican side of Michelle Rodriguez's family married first cousins in order to stay light-skinned (see the PBS clip below).

I understand that social status, opportunities, education, and so on are more afforded to those with the lightest skin.  I've seen it in action...the way people (sales clerks, strangers, neighbors, etc) treated my mom, who is German, versus how those same people treated my dad, who's Black, not knowing that the two were husband and wife. 

I understand the history beyond my parents, but can't we move forward and create a new future?

Why are we so concerned with outside opinions and critics?

Why do we judge only with our eyes instead of our intuition and heart?

Why can't we look at our reflection and smile at what we see?

Why do we believe someone else's story?  Just because they've set up limitations, hurdles or roadblocks, doesn't mean that those stumbling blocks apply to me.

Why can't we fully embrace all that we are?  Fat, skinny, curvy, black, white, mixed, dark chocolate, pasty white vs caramel colored, freckles, wrinkles, hairy, bald...

Imagine if you sat down to color and the Crayola box held 64 crayons all the same color.  BORING. 

Beauty comes in all shapes, sizes, and shades.  And I hope someday every little boy and girl can stare at differences in awe and appreciation rather than in fear or envy.

Why not make a difference?  Use your voice and match your actions to spread love for every detail that makes each of us unique and beautiful.

spread love,

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