Sunday, July 1, 2012

Sunday Scribblings: #326 - Stretch

My furry baby boy jumps off my lap
and lengthens into his favorite downward dog pose.
Every morning the same routine: wake, stretch, meow, eat.


On the first of the month
I pull out my checkbook to pay bills.
As I stare at my new account balance,
my mind races on how I can make every dollar stretch.


Sitting in the coffee shop I struggle
with how to move forward on my novel.
Mental chatter only feeds my fear and doubts.
I reach out for inspiration,
tap into my imagination,
but the words scrawled across my notebook
are a just a big pile of crap.
And my perfection cries "Fraud!" once again.
But the desire inside refuses to quit
and I push the pen once more across the page.
There was a time when I would give up, walk away, give into failure
because my mind and body felt stretched thin.
My soul, however, reminds me I am a writer,
and every day I must allow the journey to begin again.

The above was written in response to Sunday Scribblings prompt.

Stretch beyond your wildest dreams,



  1. I loved the third piece where all the words were a pile of crap on the paper. At times I struggle too but instead of looking at them on the page I jump into the scene, join the characters and interact with them. They are often a bit surprised but get on with the action with me an active bystander.

    1. love it...jumping into the actual scene as an active bystander...will try out tomorrow as I plow thru my novel. Thanks!

  2. Mr Egg has a great idea but be careful because once I jumped into one of my stories...if you think it's hard writing from the "outside-in"...try writing from "inside-out"'s impossible to think because all of the characters either want bigger parts, don't like their lines or they do not want any part of the story at all...good luck


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