Tuesday, December 11, 2012

Get down Peanuts

Get Down Peanuts by Sonja Thomas 12/10/12
Peanuts...whenever I hear that tune, I automatically think of my friend, Nyree.

During college when the weekend had arrived, Ny would drive up to Orlando, crash at my place and a whole bunch of us would go to the club. As we danced to alternative tunes, we would break into the Peanuts dance. You know, that scene in A Charlie Brown Christmas where Schroeder's stroking the keys and everyone's jamming. Our favorite was the move of the girl bobbing her head side-to-side.

I miss those nights. We had so much fun - laughing, dancing and just being silly. Not caring about what the world thought and not living up to others' expectations - not on the dance floor anyway.

Still to this day, every year like clockwork I'll receive a voice mail or text message letting me know that A Charlie Brown Christmas is on TV tonight. Even if only for a half hour with the Peanuts gang, I still laugh, dance, and be silly, as if time hadn't moved at all.

be silly and dance,

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