Saturday, December 29, 2012

My first tattoo

my first tattoo, Hoot, on left forearm

Many amazing changes materialized in my life during 2012. The most permanent is my first tattoo (pictured above) - a colorful, punk princess owl I refer to as "Hoot".

I've always admired tattoos - I love the expression of art, creativity and one's self. In college, a group of my friends were covered in them, and one, Jason Stephan, is now a successful and amazing tattoo artist. But I could never imagine what I would want on my body for the rest of my life.

My business card displays a logo with three owls. From there, owls have appeared again and again in my life - from jewelry, journals, to my blog. And when I purchased an owl ring last December, I just knew that this would be my first tattoo.

Moving to Portland from the east coast and leaving my accounting career to pursue my passion for writing has taught me to never have any regrets. To me, regret is when you repress your strongest desires and dreams. So on July 3 at the vegan friendly Scapegoat Tattoo, Silje gave me my first tattoo. 

Owls symbolize wisdom, foresight, and a messenger of secrets. Hoot has become my spiritual guide, my totem. He reminds me to listen to my dreams, check in with my wisdom and follow my intuition.

have no regrets,

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