Thursday, January 3, 2013

Living in the moment

new year by sonja 1/2/13
YES!!! Bring it on.  

Give me your drizzle, sunshine and cloudy days. Traffic jams, found treasures and forks in the road. It doesn't matter whether I'm feeling bloated or light as a feather. Who cares frizzy hair or perfect curls. Giggles, tears, frustration or elation.

I'm defiant that this year I AM living in the moment. I embrace my emotional radar, imagination and wisdom to guide me in appropriate action. I resolve to trust my gut and enjoy a year of amazing creations!

inspired by Sunday Scribblings #352 - Defiant

happy new year,


  1. lovely and very positive art and post. thank you for sharing

  2. Great thoughts! I hope you will find it possible to live in the moment this year.


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