Sunday, January 27, 2013

You and I are Love

I subscribe to the belief 
that you and I are love. 
That we are all on a journey
of discovering the sacred
 through writing, art, music, dreams, 
meditation, the feminine
and everything in between. 
Focus our thoughts 
on loving expression, 
fueled by the passion
blazing in our belly.
Our emotions flow freely - 
anger, happiness, fear,
sadness, envy and shame -
all welcome to guide us
in choosing the right action.
Our balanced body creates
who we are,
creative, divine beings,
expanding every day, every moment,
shining bright 
for the whole world to see 
and love.

The above was inspired by Sunday Scribblings #354 - Subscribe

be who you really are,


  1. and I subscribe to all that you wrote! Nicely done

  2. LOVE this!! Our balanced body creates who we are :)

  3. such beautiful thoughts in your poem - I love the optimism in your words!


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