Saturday, February 9, 2013

Pep talk

PDX street art @ NW Glisan and 18th

Friends are the most precious resources.
Always nurture and handle with care.
Open your heart and mind to receive their love,
and they will do the same in return.
Run toward them with open arms
 when you need that shoulder to lean on.
Friends illuminate the darkness
revealing your beauty and wisdom within.

pep, pep, hooray!


  1. somewhere deep in mind I have always felt that way but I've never had the ability to express it like you did with this little poem. to be your friend must be a special experience.

  2. It's an honor to know I can run toward you. Much love.

  3. Our humanity is best illustrated in our care and concern for each other. Friends are precious indeed.

  4. I agree! A good friend can bring out the best in us.

  5. The other day someone I vaguely knew ran towards me with their arms wide open. I flung my arms out and she carried on running and hugged the person behind me!


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