Tuesday, March 5, 2013


Hold your breath.
Clench your fist.
Only takes a mere heartbeat
for what you know to change.

Blink. Rub your eyes.
Take a moment to realize
nothing stays the same.

Loved ones relish, dispute and die.
Relationships end, stagnate, begin.
First love. First kiss.
First time.

Win, lose, failure, success.
None of it good or bad.
Just is. A consequence.
Thoughts, feelings, reaction - 
leads to action or immobilized.
A moment in time.

All shapes who you are
and leads to who you'll be.
Every choice builds you up or tears you down.
Only to rebuild, put back together.
For better or worse.
Every and no thing matters.

Don't like what you see?
Here's another moment
to create who you'll be.

the above poem was inspired by Sunday Scribblings #359 - Moment.

be in the moment,


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