Sunday, April 14, 2013

No apologies

Santa Monica, CA billboard

"I'm sorry." 

Two words that flew out my mouth without thought in the same way we hear those fillers "like", "um" and "yeah". So much of my life I constantly apologized. For something I said, did, or thought. Sometimes even for someone else's actions.

Nine times out of ten those two words were completely unnecessary. Instead of expressing appropriate remorse, I managed to diminish my self-respect and relinquish my power.

So how did this habit begin? A 2005 article in Seattle Woman Magazine shows that unnecessary apologies help women feel like their maintaining relationships by soothing a situation or are when women lack self confidence and take blame for things that go wrong. For me, a huge part was wanting to be loved by everyone.

No more. I no longer apologize for who I am...for what I say, think or do. Love or hate me, just accept and respect me. Open, closed, honest, vulnerable, beautiful, ugly, creative, analytical...sometimes fun and smiling, sometimes absolutely terrifying.

I am...and I own it with pride in the moment.

Next time you hear me say those words - I'm sorry, excuse me, my bad - know that I really mean it.

Stand strong in your truth. With no more apologies.

just being me,

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  1. Great piece. I totally agree with your line "Stand strong in your truth. With no more apologies:.


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