Monday, May 20, 2013

Girls got moves

National Dance Week Flash Mob (Full) from Nia Technique on Vimeo.

Been feeling stuck this past week. And even when I got up and moved forward, it was like wadding uphill through knee deep mud. There had been several nights when I declared "ENOUGH!" and then settled back into old, not at all good for me, habits. And when those habits -- too much sugar and too much TV -- didn't make me feel any better, an old familiar self refused to let this piece of me go.

When I saw the Sunday Scribblings Prompt: Moves, I was reminded of the Nia Flash Mob in Portland on April 29 (see video above). I am a huge Nia fan (thanks Kiki!) and went out to support my fellow teachers and dancers with no intention of dancing. But ten minutes in when one of my favorite songs began to play, I couldn't resist. I jumped on in.

It reminds me that no matter where we are in the moment, that the universe is always there to support us. Whether through a great quote from a favorite TV show, a hug from a friend, or an awesome hip shaking song...we are not alone and we have all that we need to keep on moving.

So, it's a new week. Instead of wallowing in my tired body, my worn out mind and self-defeating emotions, I choose to keep getting up and moving forward. It doesn't matter whether I crawl, stand still or even slip back a few feet. What matters is that I don't give up. That I keep moving towards my goals. That I listen to my needs and feed my mind, body and soul whatever it truly needs...all with the support of the universe.

use your moves,


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    1. and would have known a flash mob was afoot with all that Nia-wear! :)

  2. Fun! Good for you for getting out there and dancing. Dancing is a great cure for what ails ya' emotionally.


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