Friday, August 30, 2013

I want a world where...

a female President or a young girl playing football isn't considered crazy.
someone offers a compliment and it's always received with a smiling thanks.
no one asks "what are you?" when they really mean "what is your ethnic background?"
curiosity leads to conversation leads to community rather than fear, judgment and hate.
a movie about Stage Coach Mary is the norm over blacks "rescued" by white folk.
we speak our mind through our heart.
everyone is conscious that every action taken or not effects the universe.
spiritual beliefs are respected even when misunderstood.
a person never grows old, just full of more dreams and possibilities.

I want a world where anything is possible. 

dream big,


  1. Of course everything is possible, even the elimination of racial bigotry, but it sure is taking its time.

  2. Dream big!
    I am hoping for a better world for the next generation and all the generations after that one. It would all be much simpler if everyone would just LOVE and forget about everything else.


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