Friday, September 13, 2013

Brew truth

PDX Street Art on NW 23rd and Johnson

What is your truth?

Do you speak it loud and clear? In every moment, everyday?

Maybe you stand for a cause: protect the environment; advocate for animals; equality for all. A voice displayed with tattoos, piercings, or sparkling jewels. Heels, Docs or Birkenstock. Elegant versus casual. Quiet versus animated. Feminine, masculine, somewhere in-between. Analytical and creative. Play with numbers, words, pictures or melodies. Fast-paced, tip-toe or go with the flow.

What is your truth? One, none, some, all the above...depends on the hour, the day, your age...

Face the mirror and see your truth. With every thought, word and action. There is only one of you in this world. And your voice deserves to be known. Your currency is unique. Be it smiles, a listening ear or lavish treats. Your wealth is abundant.

Your worth is priceless.

always be true to you, 


  1. beautifully voiced

  2. An inspiring message. It would be good to think that all our voices can be heard - and that we can listen too!

    1. Thanks for the reminder...listening is equally important.

  3. Frisky, provocative, a lovely dare : )

  4. Truth like your age matures from simple ideals and values to somethings far more complex. When you are young you want the sun to come up everyday so you can live when you are old you want to be surrounded in love everyday to show that you have lived.


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