Thursday, October 24, 2013

Writing is a lonely number

source: "making poetry" by ionushi
Writing is a solo act. Often romanticized as lounging in coffee shops gazing at the world or late nights with glasses of wine and your creative muse.

Or is this a myth?

There's nothing romantic about beating your head against the wall when you're stuck on the same scene, sentence, or even a single word.

Sitting at my laptop in my teeny tiny corner can get lonely (thank goddess I have a window). But whether writing a novel, poetry, or a journal entry, it's always an act of co-creation.

So nice to know you never go it alone.

In the beginning, there is inspiration. That perfect line in a song, "And there you are, a shooting star," meant just for you. The leaves changing color in fall, roses bloom in spring. Someone or something says, does or just is to spark that creative flow.

Writing partners. Someone to get your butt in the chair and write. Sounding boards when procrastination or doubt sneak in. 

Writer circles. A group who plays with prompts and share their intimate creations, learning to let go and ride the creative wave with no filters and judgements.

Critique groups and beta readers. A partner or group who provide feedback on your "baby" with an editor's eye. To learn that art is subjective, grow thick skin and discern what changes are right to make your piece shine.  

Workshops and conferences. A place where strangers become friends, to strengthen your craft, to debate "the rules" and maybe even connect with your future agent/editor.

Cheerleaders. Family and friends, even when you've just met, that support your passion.

Audience. Readers who contribute their own perspective and take your writing to a new dimension.

There's nothing better than playing with words. The nudge of new ideas, watching it take form, revising it to death until it's at its best and sharing it with the world or gobbling it up for your own eye's delight. 

Oh the joy of co-creation.


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