Monday, December 23, 2013

The purpose of "the end"

Does anything really ever come to an end? Sure, we graduate, leave jobs, and after 365 days welcome in a new year. Television shows are cancelled, credits roll and loved ones pass on.

The present experience may have ended, but the purpose always stays with us.

Sunday Scribblings was the first online venue where I put myself out there. And I was surprised to be so welcomed by a community of other creatives.

Sunday Scribblings' purpose for me was that we all have a unique voice and someone will listen if we give them the opportunity. Sometimes someone is even inspired, moved, or entertained by our words.

After 400 weeks where creatives came together to share their voice, Sunday Scribblings has presented their last writing prompt: Finale. But their purpose will live on in the words shared by an amazing creative community.

what's the purpose of your present moment?


  1. How I agree with you. Sunday Scribblings was the blog site that got me keen to post every week and I thrived on the comments from all over the world. We must accept that everything has a use by date and it was both brave and poignant that Megg has pulled the plug at this time. We are big enough now to find other places to explore.

  2. I'm a relative latecomer but it will be missed.

    (Arrgh! Panic! Panic! Word verification alarm! *sigh*)

  3. Superbly effective post; thanks for sharing.


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