Tuesday, January 28, 2014

Are you creative?

r u creative by sonja thomas, inspired by micah player
Whenever I share that I write for children and young adults, people instantly glow with wonder and admiration and then most reply, "I wish I was creative." I totally get this response. Creative translates into 'artist': actor, singer, dancer, painter...

But I was creative even when my world revolved around numbers as a CPA. No, I didn't "cook the books." My co-workers and I would constantly come up with innovative ways to produce and deliver our work. And it doesn't end with one's career. Creativity can be expressed during mundane tasks. Shimmy while brushing your teeth or turn chores into a game to get the entire household involved.  

Unfortunately creativity is often repressed or believed to be reserved for those with "real" talent. As said in one of the most watched Ted Talks: We don't grow into creativity, we grow out of it.

Doh by sonja
So what if you have two left feet, are tone deaf or your green thumb is black? Maybe we need to take another look at the true meaning of creative: having the quality to create; original thought; productive.

Everyone has the power to create.
Everyone has a unique expression.
Every single person is creative. With every new thought, word or action.

Whether you cure the common cold, belt out a made up song in the shower or try a new route to work. You are creative. So claim it. 

what will you create today?


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