Sunday, February 23, 2014

Do you follow 'the rules'?

Every blog post, article and tweet I've read lately has focused on the 'Top Three, Five, Ten INFINITE Rules of Writing.'

AVOID prologues, cliches and exclamation marks like the plague!!! Use adverbs SPARINGLY. "ONLY use 'said' for dialogue tags," he SHOUTED adamantly. CUT DOWN on exposition and indulgent, rambling, over the top descriptions. The passive voice is NEVER used. KILL your darlings. DON'T use no double negatives. NO sentence fragments.

And the rules keep going and going and going... Sometimes to the point I end up censoring myself so much that I lose my voice. Not only what I'm trying to convey, but how I say it.

There's no doubt that I will continue to read up on writing, attend workshops and discuss what works--and what doesn't--with my colleagues. But when sitting down to write that first draft, I'll flush the rules from my mind and let the words flow on their own.

The only 3 rules to live by: READ, WRITE, REPEAT.

write on!

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  1. I'm getting ready to toss the rules away. I think voice is the strongest element in writing and if you've found your voice and it breaks the rules, screw the rules! So yeah... I think there comes a point when you got to stick up for yourself, while still being opening to criticism. Is that difficult? Maybe.


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