Wednesday, February 5, 2014

What are your limits?

from Despair, Inc-Demotivators: says it all with gut busting laughs

We've all heard the expression "the sky's the limit" and even though it means there are no limits, our unconscious still registers that last word: limit.

Why end there? How about instead we say "abundant opportunities."

My light-hearted friend showed me last year how to redefine and reframe to see things anew and open up possibilities. Turns out I was putting myself in a tight box and restricting my capabilities. I don't only write for children and young adults, I write for children of all ages. I'm not only creative when I write or doodle, but I am creative in every new expression, from when I sing while I clean or how I greet strangers on the street.

Now I find myself on auto-pilot translating the meaning behind words spoken without thought. Whether common phrases, limiting beliefs or ingrained ideas.

War on terror; why not Peace with love?
Too good to be true; why not Too good to be false?
When pigs fly; why not When my heart believes?
I have too much on my plate; why not I dig in to a full-filling life?

Piece of cake; why not, well, I'm okay with cake.
Let's not do away with metaphors, idioms or hyperbole. What would be the fun in that? But be aware of what you say and believe to avoid self-imposed limits. Lead a life too damn good to be false.

this post was inspired by my friend & teacher, Kaitlyn Mirison
infinite love,  

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