Tuesday, June 17, 2014

Air Soul Collage Card

Air Soul Collage by Sonja Thomas

This past Sunday I attended the workshop "A Soulful Approach to Healing: Working with the Spirit of AIR" with the talented artist Samyak Yamauchi. Our intimate group of women journeyed, participated in an outdoor Mapacho ceremony (which included blowing bubbles!) and created soul-inspired art in centered silence.

Above is my first soul-collage card inspired by the spirit of Air. One woman commented, "you definitely think outside the box" (as evidenced by the butterfly and two kites bursting in 3D from my card). I tend to be easily inspired, but quickly frozen in fearful thoughts making it near impossible to take action. But the workshop reminded me that I AM WHOLE. I AM HEALED.

There's no need to struggle and work through layers of guilt, fear, jealousy and a whole bunch of other junk. Instead, I can always, at any moment, reconnect with the center of my whole self, the true essence of me--light, love and joy. And from there "all that junk" will melt away with ease and I can create in the flow.

spread your wings and fly,


  1. Beautiful collage and the 3D butterfly is a delightful touch.

  2. The workshop sounded very healing for you, Sonja. I'm glad you experienced wholeness and healing in Samyak's collage process. I do something with a similar name called SoulCollage®, yet we don't use 3D because we make a deck of cards to consult for inner guidance (so they are stacked and of uniform size). I can feel your reconnection that you describe with your true essence. Thanks for sharing, and blessings on this wonderful path!


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