Thursday, June 26, 2014

Hadley Rille Books Fundraising Campaign

The beautiful and talented author, Vanessa MacLellan, has put out a request and as her friend and a fellow author, I am absolutely eager to support her and her publisher.

"Hadley Rille Books gave me [Vanessa MacLellan] a chance. I hope that you will give Hadley Rille Books a chance as well. Please Boost the Signal. Pass on the link, tell people about this great small press who gives writers a chance and isn’t all about fitting some formula. These stories move you. They are stories we all can relate to. If you think supporting the little guy, providing different options versus the ones the major publishers think we all want, and helping out new authors is a great idea, then please help by donating (even $5 helps!) and passing on the word."

Please Support the Growth of Hadley Rille Books: A Quality Small Press Publisher

Spread the word!

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  1. Wow, thanks for the Boost, Sonja! I appreciate it. And I hope others get to learn of the greatness of small presses.


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