Monday, September 8, 2014

Which way do I go?

Pioneer Courthouse Square, Downtown Portland

Fall's almost here. Later sunrises, earlier sunsets. Even a drop in temperature (crossing fingers that this time it will stick).

Fall has always been that season where I've made big changes. Moved from Florida to DC. Then after 11 years, moved cross country to pursue my love of writing full-time. But for some reason, all the changes I've been experiencing lately seem to be happening "to me" rather than created by me.

The biggest change: my dear, creative friend has moved to Laguna Beach. But rather than curl in a ball and weep, I'm celebrating the amazing fun we've had together and cheering her on to bigger and better things. Our friendship won't be severed by a measly thousand miles.

So where do I go from here?

I celebrate the awesome life I've created in Portland: a supportive writing and art community; three short stories sold; an intimate connection with nature; and wonderful folks and activities that fill me with joy. There's so much more to experience (publish my picture books and novels; hike new trails; create new soul-full relationships...). So with an open heart and focused outlook I continue on this journey, ready for the next adventure.

Live a life you love,

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