Wednesday, December 3, 2014

You're the JAM

Oh the life of a writer is an insane roller coaster ride (so you better have a strong stomach and thick skin). A month ago after receiving another rejection on one of my short stories, I found myself plummeting into dark spaces again. The ultimate fear factor: trapped in the land of self-doubt.

Is my writing any good? Will I get an agent? Will my novel sell? Will people even like it? Or will only my mom read my stuff? And the worst thought of all: Will I have to get a "real" job again? *shudder*

I continually let rejections and the slower than tip-toe time it takes for stuff to "happen" get me down that I forget to enjoy the awesome moments. A great writing day (sometimes even week!) where the words just flow. Encouraging feedback from my critique group. Selling my first short story. Getting my first pro-rate payment. And seeing my name and story in print.

My fabulous friend Mo sent me the wonderful card above congratulating me on the publication of my first short story "Mirror Image". A wonderful reminder to be proud of my accomplishments and to celebrate all milestones, big and small (especially just showing up to the page day after day).

So, yes, I AM the JAM! And I will look at this card pinned on my wall any time I slip and forget.

celebrate yourself,

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