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Short Stories

beware the bugs.v3.frontcover.jpg
"Lovebugs Bite!" Beware the Bugs! 
(World Balloon Books!) June 2022. 

Twelve-year-old bug expert—and future entomologist—Becky loves all the creepy, crawly critters in Florida. But when her town becomes infested with ginormous lovebugs and she’s trapped at the park with her two best friends, can they figure out how to safely get home? Without harming any bugs? 2900 words.

Oregon Reads Aloud Cover.jpg
"Kira's Imagineering." Oregon Reads Aloud 
(SMART/Graphic Arts Books) October 2016. 

Kira the Swift flies round and round the smokestack with her family. Just like last night. And the night before that. She sneaks away to imagine being something new. But while Kira escapes the mundane evening ritual, her family's attacked! Will Kira figure out a way to save her family from danger? 700 words.


Twelve-year-old Luna Del Ray wants nothing more than to win her father's attention. When she finds herself trapped in a dreamscape, Luna finally gets her chance. But will she figure out how to keep her father from his bread addiction or be stuck repeating the same day over and over and over again? 6,000 words.

dark heart.jpg
"Mirror Image." Dark Heart Volume 2 
(Little Bird Publishing House) July 2014.  

With life focused on med school, boys don't rank high on 18-year-old Olivia's to-do list. But with her sister's upcoming wedding, Olivia realizes that she wants to fall in love too. Too bad she gets exactly what she asks for. 6,600 words.

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